Soulshine is a labor of love between 5 close friends.  For the last 9 years, #Soulshine has rocked the nights away at venues all over the Texas gulf coast, raising bar sales everywhere they went.  #Soulshine is ready to bring the party to your town!

Rey Paulino - Lead Vocals, Harmonica, Keys; Although new to #Soulshine, Rey’s not new to the Houston music scene. For over 10 years Rey’s been the lead vocalist for different projects throughout the Houston area. Playing his first instrument at the tender age of 4 years old (the accordion), Rey was hooked on playing many different instruments, singing and sharing his God-given talent. His love of all genres of music shows in his ability to sing almost anything. At any given performance, Rey’s vocals will take you on a musical journey that might start with a soulful ballad, stop off at a country song, move on to toe-tapping blues and drive on to classic rock and metal, finishing off with some funky R&B where you’ll be dancin’ and singin’ and movin’ to the groovin’. Along the way you may catch him playing a little harmonica, guitar or maybe even his shoulder synth (keytar).

Mike Grove - Drums / Percussion;  Mike Grove is a machine behind the kit!  His 30 plus years of experience show through with his ability to play any style, at any time, at any volume, all night long.  Mike has been a fixture in the Houston, and Texas music scene for many years, and has played with some of the best bands around.  Mike, and long-time business partner Al Hayes, formed #Soulshine, and are still letting the music do the talking night after night.

Andrew Hamel - Bass Guitar, Vocals;  Andrew picked up his first guitar in the summer of 1987 and has been playing music ever since! He started playing bass for his church in 2005 and has done a few stints in acoustic duos and a blues/rock trio where he further developed his vocals, guitar, and bass skills. In the summer of 2011 he joined #Soulshine and the rest as they say is history! Andrew carries a big load for the band with his precise playing, back up harmonies, and occasional lead vocals.  His 10+ years of playing bass help to keep audiences dancing all night!

Joe Welsh – Lead Guitar, Backup Vocals, and Bass (when Andrew switches to guitar!); Originally from New Jersey, Joe has been playing bass and guitar in bands for well over 35 years. He did the frat circuit in college in upstate New York (think Otis Day and the Knights!!), the 6th Street Scene in Austin in the late 80’s (where the Blues Chops came from), 10+ years as lead guitarist for The Model Citizens in San Francisco, and most recently guitarist for Wasted Time here in Houston, where he's lived since 2000.

Al Hayes - Guitar, Vocals, Keys;  A lifelong musician, Al brings his experience as a touring, and recording, artist to the lead guitar. What started as a conversation with his soon to be business partner, Mike Grove,  turned into a music school, recording studio, rock n roll Summer camps, and School music curriculum, and embodied itself as #Soulshine.  Al's years of touring the United States in Blues, Rock, Metal, Country, Jazz, and Classical groups have helped shape him into the entertainer crowds see on stage.  Keeping an intimate rapport with the crowd, Al, and the rest of #Soulshine, are invited back time after time, to every venue they play.